RC Series Industrial Crusher

Heavy Duty Industrial Crusher: Processes various blocky materials to desired size.

Originally designed for asphalt recycling, the RC Series Industrial Crusher is ideal for processing a variety large,  heavy or bulky, friable materials.  The large throat allows for easy in-feed of blocky materials.  High tonnage rates are achieved with the lowest possible amount of wear and tear. The versatile RC Series can process a variety of recycled materials such as waste glass, steel and non-ferrous slags,  and mineral processing waste, just to name a few.

Key Features

  • • Designed with the heaviest, most wear-resistant components of any equipment of its kind, the RC Series industrial hammer mill provides by far the most economical crushing available.

  • • Fabricated from heavy
    ¾” to 1 ½” steel plate, all weld construction.

  • • Internal, replaceable breaker wear plate made from 1” thick AR-500 steel. Replaceable side liner plates made from
    ” abrasion resistant steel.

  • • Heavy duty abrasion-resistant bar grate available in many sizes to produce the exact finished particle size you desire.

  • • Safety interlock package prevents mill from operating when mill is in an open position for maintenance.

  • • Mill top hinges open hydraulically for easy access to the mill’s interior for maintenance and inspection.

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