Exploring the Anatomy of a Hammer Mill Video Series

Have you ever wondered how a hammer mill actually works? Learn more in our “Anatomy of a hammer mill” video series. Enjoy the first installment here, and check back with us weekly for more!

Exploring the Anatomy of a Hammer Mill
An introduction to hammer mills
The Rotor
In this video we’ll be taking a look the rotor – the heart of the mill
The Grinding Chamber
In this video, we’ll focus on another vital component: the grinding chamber
The Mighty Hammers
Learn more about the powerhouse of the hammer mill
Screens & Grates
Turn your attention to another crucial component: the screens and grates
The in-feed
In this video, we shine a light on an often overlooked, yet essential component: the in-feed.
The Discharge Chute
Explore another integral part of the hammer mill: the discharge chute.
The Wear Plates
Focus on a component that plays a crucial role in preserving the machine’s longevity: the wear plates.