Schutte Hammermill offers a size reduction testing service to prove the capabilities of our equipment.

Size reduction testing is of critical importance for a number of reasons, it:

  • Proves capabilities of our equipment
  • Determines equipment type required
  • Determines the best possible configuration to promote optimal performance
  • Determines horsepower requirements
  • Activates Schutte Hammermill performance guarantee

To take advantage of this valuable service, please follow these steps:

1.Complete the Application Data Form as thoroughly as possible.

2. If applicable, a Material Safety Data Sheet should be emailed to or faxed to our office at 716-855-3417.

3. Ship a representative sample of your material to our office:

Schutte Hammermill
61 Depot Street
Buffalo, NY 14206

Attn: Material Testing

In most cases we require two five gallon containers (or equivalent) of the product to be processed.  If high tonnage (≥10TPH) is required, we may request a larger sample of between 20 and 55 gallons.  For applications that require very small production batches we may be able to test a smaller sample. Consult our office for exact requirements.  Whenever possible, please also enclose a small sample of the desired finished product.

4. Due to the volume of products we receive for testing, we require that sample products be returned to the original customer for proper disposal.  Please provide our office with instructions as to how to return any unprocessed portion of your product sample, specifying the carrier to be used for the return.

In addition, please note the following:

Freight Costs
We ask that customers be responsible for the cost of transporting their material samples to us, as well as the cost of returning any material. Upon completion of testing we will forward a representative sample of the resulting material to you along with a comprehensive test report and firm price Quotation for the recommended Schutte Hammermill equipment. When possible we will retain a sample of your unprocessed material pending evaluation of the initial sample returned to you.  This will allow us to conduct additional testing should our initial sample not meet your objective.  After 30 days all unprocessed material will be returned.

The equipment in our testing facility is used for several independent tests each day.  While every reasonable attempt is made to clear our equipment from any previous test materials, we cannot guarantee the return of a pure, uncontaminated sample.  Our goal is to illustrate the capabilities of our equipment, and to produce a given size product at a specified rate of production.  Please do not send material for testing if you cannot accept some degree of contamination.

Source of Sample
Occasionally we are asked by customers to obtain readily available materials locally, rather than have them shipped.  Unfortunately, we cannot honor these requests.  As a policy, Schutte Hammermill will only test materials supplied by our customer.