Equipment for volume reduction of medical and healthcare waste

We understand that for medical waste processors and haulers, nothing is more critical than the volume of material they're handling. That's why we offer products specifically engineered to reduce large bulky materials to a much smaller size, and make waste loads more manageable.

Whether you're dealing with used textiles, red bag waste, spent needles and containers or almost anything else, our full line of size reduction equipment can help reduce the volume, saving on costs for hauling and downstream processing, and improve your operational efficiency. Enclosed-systems are available in stainless steel for easy wash-down and maintenance.

As a member of the Bengal Machine Family of brands we are the only fully integrated group of size reduction equipment companies that can offer complete turn-key systems for all stages of size reduction. We can offer both single and dual shaft shredders through our sister company, CM Shredder as well as material handling and conveyance equipment from our Schutte Motion line. No matter your process, or production goals, we can help get you there.

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