Our versatile screeners and vibratory conveyors do more than just move materials. These machines are specifically designed for shredded, chipped and other bulk materials. The engineered motion of continuously tossing and throwing material forward creates the opportunity to perform more processes along the way. Special patterns, perforations, and trough thickness can also be specified to meet your application needs.The housing is made from ¼” steel, and the inside that connects with the product is made of ⅜” steel. The ⅜” travels along the full circumference of the rotor, making all product contact areas last 2-3 times longer. The Feeder comes with a built-in magnet protection system. This system comes in two options: a manual clamp unit, or an auto self-clean unit. The built-in magnet protection system allows us to build the feeder to directly replace any other feeder on the market.