Drawing on a legacy that spans back to 1928, Schutte Hammermill stands as a seasoned manufacturer of size reduction equipment, uniquely positioned to address the evolving challenges of the recycling and waste management industry. Our extensive experience has endowed us with the expertise to apply time-proven principles of size reduction to the ever-expanding recycling landscape. Whether the focus is on data destruction, waste-to-energy initiatives, or the management of construction/demolition waste, Schutte Hammermill provides comprehensive solutions tailored to diverse waste streams and recycling processes. From individual units to turnkey systems, our equipment is custom-configured to precisely suit the unique demands of each application and align with specific production goals. Whatever the recycling or waste management challenge may be, Schutte Hammermill’s commitment to customization, efficiency, and innovation remains unwavering, making us a trusted partner in overcoming the complexities of waste processing.


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