Schutte-Buffalo Model Hammermill Increases Production Rate by 400%

The addition of a Schutte-Buffalo Model 1340 hammer mill to an existing system produces uniformly sized materials at the necessary production rate. Consistent quality, uniformly sized material, produced at high capacity. Click here to read more about Mid America Truss Share: FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin It

Brick Operation Improved with Full Circle Screen Hammer Mill

A Schutte-Buffalo Model 44-24-301B fine grinding hammer mill gives brick manufacturer complete control over the wood supply and uniformity of the end product, provides very quick payback on their investment. Click here to read more in our customer case study   Share: FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pin It

Schutte-Buffalo Model 1590 high Capacity Wood Grinding Hammer Mill

Out With The Old And In With The New Schutte-Buffalo Hammer Mill System Sawmill expansion utilizes a Schutte-Buffalo Model 1590 High Capacity Wood Grinding Hammer Mill, installed as a package with and integrated vacuum discharge to a close coupled cyclone.  The plant can now accept a higher tonnage rate from the planer mill and is producing uniform… Read more »

No more costly downtime

No costly downtime. For Cargill, finding the right grinder to meet their production schedule was a challenge. After many others failed to perform as promised, the Schutte-Buffalo Model 1590 delivered! Processing at a rate of 500,000 pounds per day and giving the customer the production rate and end product required, with no need to shut down production for daily… Read more »