Turnkey Solutions for Size Reduction in Wood Processing

Schutte Hammermill is your one source for wood processing solutions 

Whether you’re looking to produce wood flour from scrap wood or mulch from used pallets, Schutte Hammermill has the equipment you need to suit every step of your process. We can offer gravity or pneumatic material handling, integrated to a common control panel. See below for more information on our equipment for processing wood.

Primary Grinding Equipment

Open hopper ram fed MP Series single shaft shredder                   Schutte-Buffalo HZF Series horizontal in-feed wood scrap grinding hammer mill

MP Series Ram Fed Single Rotor Shredder               HZF Series Horizontal Trim Scrap Grinder


high production bark grinding hammer mill                      Schutte-Buffalo HG Series high production pallet grinder

B Series Industrial Bark Grinding Hammer Mill               HG Series Pallet and Pallet Scrap Grinder


Finish Grinding Equipment

low speed high production full circle screen hammer mill                   

44 series Circ-U-Flow hammer mill                             24 series Circ-U-Flow hammer mill


                   medium production finish grinding hammer mill with built in air assist

15 series high production hammer mill                             13 series medium production hammer mill


laboratory scale full circle hammer mill                   Schutte-Buffalo Model H28 laboratory scale full circle screen hammer mill

18 Series, Pilot Scale Circ-U-Flow hammer mill         H28 Pilot Scale Circ-U-Flow hammer mill



Ultra Fine Grinding Equipment

dual stage fine grinding hammer mill for blocky wood waste               dual stage ultra fine grinder for wood

FGZ Series Dual Stage Hammer Mill                        FG Series Dual Stage Hammer Mill