Domestic Terms and Conditions of Sale


The terms stated in Schutte-Buffalo Hammermill, LLC (“Schutte-Buffalo”) final Quotation govern all sales (including parts) by Schutte-Buffalo, notwithstanding the use of a buyer’s Purchase Order. As an accommodation, Visa and Mastercard are acceptable methods of payment. Please contact Schutte-Buffalo in the event you desire to wire funds directly.


The final Schutte-Buffalo Quotation contains the itemized price list and total amount due for payment. Please consult your Schutte-Buffalo representative for pricing.


Unless otherwise stated, standard shipping point shall be FCA Schutte-Buffalo in Buffalo, NY. All rights and title to Equipment transfer to the buyer upon delivery to the carrier.


The acceptance of shipment by common carrier shall constitute a delivery to the purchaser and Schutte-Buffalo shall not be responsible for Equipment damaged or lost in transit.


Typographical and clerical errors are subject to correction.


If the buyer claims Equipment is not as ordered, he or she must notify Schutte-Buffalo within 30 days of delivery.  Equipment may not be returned without the written consent of Schutte-Buffalo and the issuance Return Authorization Number issued by the Schutte-Buffalo Customer Service Department. The Return Authorization Number must be affixed to the Equipment being returned.


Standard Equipment will be supplied in accordance with the final Schutte-Buffalo Quotation and description in the Schutte-Buffalo Operations Manual.


In the event of cancellation or deferral of deliveries on an order, the buyer assumes immediate liability for any completed part of the order, any material or tooling work performed, and may be asked for immediate payment of the charges involved.


Schutte-Buffalo may refuse to make shipment unless previous invoices have been honored and satisfactory credit has been established.


The uses to which Schutte-Buffalo Equipment is put are solely within the discretion and responsibility of the purchaser and/or user.  Purchaser of standard and custom Equipment assumes any and all liability arising out of or in any way connected with the use of such standard or custom Equipment and hereby agrees to indemnify Schutte-Buffalo for any liability in connection therewith.