Complimentary Size Reduction Testing

Schutte Hammermill offers complimentary testing of your material at our test facility located at our headquarters in Buffalo, New York, USA. This valuable service offers many benefits including:

  • • Eliminates the risk of purchasing equipment that is incapable of achieving your goals.
  • • Ensures that the proper machine type and size is recommended.
  • • Makes certain that the machine that is recommended is provided with the proper components and configuration to optimize its performance.
  • • Allows our engineering team to educate you regarding peripheral matters such as: noise level, dust emissions, and/or heat buildup.
  • • Determines what method of feeding and discharging of the mill is most practical.

While this testing is at no charge to you, we do require that our customers provide us with the specific product they are seeking to process, be responsible for the cost of shipping the material to us, and, if there is any remaining material following the test, for its return. We cannot source material locally to conduct tests on your behalf.

Our test equipment and complimentary service is designed to prove our ability to process your material to the desired particle size, and at the rate of production that you require. Normally, we require approximately two (2) 5 gallon buckets of material. Our sales team will advise if more material is required or if we can achieve proper results with less material.  PLEASE NOTE THAT IF LARGE QUANTITIES OF MATERIAL ARE SHIPPED WITHOUT OUR AUTHORIZATION TO DO SO IT MAY BE REJECTED.

Upon conclusion of the testing a representative sample of material will be returned to you for your evaluation. In most cases a portion of your material will be retained in case additional testing is required. However, at the end of 30 days all material must be returned to our customer.

Prior to shipping material to us your sales team member will assign you with a TEST AUTHORIZATION NUMBER. This number should be clearly affixed to the outside of your shipping containers. We cannot undertake testing without this number having been assigned.  In addition, this number cannot be assigned until we have received your preferred method of having the material returned to you and your account number with the carrier.

In all cases it is the customer’s responsibility to provide us with a Safety Data Sheet that should accompany the shipment.