FG 系列雙級錘片式粉碎機

Reduces pre-hogged or small scrap to fine sawdust or wood flour in one pass.

The FG Series Dual Stage Hammer Mill is designed specifically for producing the finest possible sawdust or wood flour and features two 13 系列錘式破碎機安裝一種.

The FG series are available in four sizes with combined (上部和下部的軋機) 馬力的 125 自 500.


減少到細微的木屑或木粉一次性預被拱起或小廢。FG 系列雙階段錘片式粉碎機是專門為生產最好可能木屑或木粉和具有兩個設計 13 系列錘式破碎機安裝一種.