FG seri Dual tahap Hammer Mill

Fitur kunci

  • Space saving stacked design
  • Dual rotor assemblies designed specifically for each application
  • Internal replaceable ribbed liner plates in both mill halves
  • Many hammer styles to choose from
  • Heavy duty grates or perforated screens available in a variety of sizes for both mill halves
  • Powerful material handling fan mounted on main mill shaft of lower mill


Reduces pre-hogged or small scrap to fine sawdust or wood flour in one pass.The FG Series Dual Stage Hammer Mill is designed specifically for producing the finest possible sawdust or wood flour and features two 13 Series hammer mills mounted one over the other.

Khas aplikasi

  • Wood flour
  • Composite lumber
  • Animal bedding
  • Biomass boiler fuel
  • Compression lumber
  • Wood pellet preparation