24 Seri Circ-U-aliran Hammer Mill

Fitur kunci

  • Four standard mill widths (10, 15, 20” and 24") with custom sizes available
  • Layar discharge area dari 600 untuk 1440 inci persegi
  • Kecepatan tinggi (3600 RPM) rotor assembly with four-way reversible hammers
  • Variety of screen sizes
  • Dual directional rotors
  • Easy access to mill’s interior through dual access doors


The 24 Series Circ-U-Flow is a high speed, mid-range production, full circle screen hammer mill. The 24 Series hammer mill is designed for efficiently processing agricultural products, pakan dan biji-bijian, limbah kayu ringan, and other relatively easy to grind materials. The nearly full circle screen coverage of the rotor translates to a larger screen open area and thus the highest possible production rates on materials that do not require initial grinding against a breaker plate. All models of the 24 series are suitable for either gravity or pneumatic evacuation.

Khas aplikasi

  • Produk pertanian
  • Hewan seperai
  • Pakan ternak
  • Boiler Fuel Conditioning
  • Produksi etanol
  • Herbal dan rempah-rempah
  • Landscape Mulch
  • Daging dan tepung tulang
  • Biji-bijian lain