हथौड़ा चक्की पीस HG श्रृंखला फूस स्क्रैप

प्रमुख विशेषताएं

  • 36"पर संचालित रोटर व्यास 1,800 उच्च हथौड़ा टिप गति का उत्पादन करने के लिए RPM
  • Long wearing, heavy duty grates in sizes from ¾” to 2”
  • Heavy plate construction, featuring 2” thick side walls and internal replaceable wear plates throughout
  • Twin flywheels
  • Electronic or hydraulic feed roll assembly with counterbalance for consistent infeed of a variety of material thicknesses
  • Vibratory in-feed conveyor, self-cleaning magnets, material handling fan and customized electrical controls are standard


The HG Series Pallet and Pallet Scrap Grinder is a high production pallet and wood scrap grinder with capacities surpassing 10 TPH, able to thoroughly and completely grind whole or partial pallets to a finely ground mulch in a single pass. Hump tunnel magnets remove all nails and the powerful material handling fan conveys the clean material to storage. The custom designed electrical controls package allows entire system start up and shut down from a single panel. Built in system logic sequentially starts and stops each individual component. The HG Series is available in three standard sizes. मॉडल 56-35 is designed to easily process whole pallets. The smaller, मॉडल 42-35 और 30-35 efficiently process pallet scrap and individual boards.

विशिष्ट अनुप्रयोगों

  • फूस पुनर्चक्रण
  • Sawmill Operations
  • Lumberyard Scrap
  • Cabinet Shops
  • Custom Shipping Skids
  • पुलिंदा संयंत्र स्क्रैप
  • Furniture Plants